Greg was born in 1981 in Lyon, France. At the age of twenty, he moved to Montréal, Canada, to pursue a business degree at Concordia University. Back in France in 2006, Greg started his own business in the fashion industry, allowing him to share his time between business, art and fashion. The constant throughout Greg's life was always art. He spent most of his spare time drawing, painting and creating art.


"I started drawing cartoons, and then comics when I was a kid, I then started naturally painting and sold my first in Montréal in 2003. Today I do mix media modern art using different kinds of materials, acrylic paints, markers, card board, resins trying to give my pièces texture and depth."


Greg started early as a child drawing his favorite cartoons and comics characters. His inspiration ranges from old Belgium comics, such as TinTin from Hergé or Black & Mortimer from Edgar P. Jacobs, to Japanese mangas and American superhero comics, from Marvel or DC. As an export manager in the fashion industry, Greg also finds his travel around the world to be a great source of inspiration. Disney is another thing that inspires Greg, since it brings back his childhood memories of when he first watched cartoon movies in the cinemas. Greg is also interested in American culture and history. One particular example is New York City which he finds to be an unlimited source of inspiration for him. He visited NYC when he was thirteen years old and it captured his imagination ever since. 


Greg started drawing using pen and pencils. He later discovered paint, 3D paint and markers. In his work, he likes to mix all of them. While canvas is his most usual Platform, he recently began to work with wood as it allows him to use different materials such as card board, and styrofoam. He likes to create relief in his work and play with different finishes, from glossy to mat varnish. At the moment, he is exploring the infinite possibilities OF epoxy resin.


Greg has a passion for the arts. He likes to stroll through galleries, visit expositions, and follow street artists everywhere he can. He loves working in the fashion industry, and attenting fashion shows. He also likes spending time in nature, traveling and enjoying culinary dishes whether on his travels or at home.